Project Description
This is a JNI library for MSMQ. It allows Java applications to connect to MSMQ on Windows.


Many Java applications have the need to connect to MSMQ, for various reasons. For one, MSMQ can serve as a key interop conduit between Java and .NET applications. Outside of interop scenarios, Java applications can take advantage of MSMQ by themselves.
This library gives Java applications running on Windows, that basic connectivity into MSMQ.


 try {
     Queue queue= new Queue(fullname);
     String label="testmessage";
     String body= "Hello, World!";
     byte[] correlationId = { 0,2,4,6,8,9 }; 
     Message msg= new Message(body, label, correlationId);
 catch (MessageQueueException ex1) {
     System.out.println("Put failure: " + ex1.toString());

Documentation is included



Depending on interest, it may grow. Submit feature requests via the "Issue Tracker".

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