Queue.Access is not included in jar


The Queue.Access class (Queue$Access.class) is not included in the distribution jar nor is it included
when doing a new build from source.
Since this class is built when Queue.java is compiled, you cant really add it to the JSOURCE variable at the top because there is no corresponding java file. As a result, because JSOURCE is used to generate the JCLASSES1 variable which is used in the jar command call, the file never gets included.
I modified the following line to the library\makefile to include it:
original: $(JAR) cf $(PROJECTNAME).jar $(JCLASSES1)
fixed: $(JAR) cf $(PROJECTNAME).jar $(JCLASSES1) .\ionic\Msmq\Queue$$Access.class
Alternatively you could extract the enum out into its own file, add a target for building it and change the references in the Queue class to use it instead of the inner class.