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I could successfully send a message[with body value as xml] to the transactional and nontransactional queue using the TestClient.java.
The NServiceBus is confugure to read the content from msmq.
The sample you have provided is sending the data in bytes(binary) format. Unfortuantely the client i.e. NServiceBus is facing difficulty to read the binary content sent from java.
It may not be possible to deserialize an object done in Java:
The MSMQJava native api does allow to send message string.
private native int nativeSend(String messageString, int length, String label, String correlationId, int transactionFlag); -> // in Queue.java
And I have amended the TestClient.java to send body in text format to private transactional queue.
as follows
[C]reate [O]pen [R]eceive [S]end [T]TransactionalText [B]TransactionalByte [P]eek [X]close [D]elete [I]nfo or [Q]uit?
==> o
Name of Queue? finance.bus.endpoints.financialtransaction.input
Name of Queue Server (ENTER for local)? uk00330
open (DIRECT=OS:uk00330\private$\finance.bus.endpoints.financialtransaction.input)
open: OK.
[C]reate [O]pen [R]eceive [S]end [T]TransactionalText [B]TransactionalByte [P]eek [X]close [D]elete [I]nfo or [Q]uit?
==> t
body ([from:Java] [time:2010-07-02 14:55:29BST])
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: nativeSend
at ionic.Msmq.Queue.nativeSend(Native Method)
at ionic.Msmq.Queue.sendText(Unknown Source)
at com.beazley.msmq.les.tests.TestClient.SendTextNTransactional(Unknown Source)
at com.beazley.msmq.les.tests.TestClient.Run(Unknown Source)
at com.beazley.msmq.les.tests.TestClient.main(Unknown Source)
Could you please check whats wrong with my code[Please note the changes for Transactional queue is working for me.]
Is there is any possiblity to send the body in text format.

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